1. Leather350000 Sq.Ft./Month
2. Leather Shoe Upper2000 pairs/day
3. Complete Shoes1200 pairs/day
4. Watch Starps800 per day

We specialise in Buff Calf Leather. We also produce Cow, Goat and Sheep Leather in finishes like Nappa, Nubuck, Oil pull up and Metallic etc.

Our plants are equipped with the state of art machinery imported from Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and U.K.

Our buyers are main shoe manufacturers of Germany viz, Salamander AG, Astormuller gmbH, Gabor Shoes and Fsion, Schuh Union AG Freudenberg Schuh GmbH, RIOS etc.


Footwear Division
Vill. Banmajra, Near Kurali
Distt. Ropar,Punjab
Phone : (01888) 34147, 33050
Fax No : (01888) 33050
Tannery Division
Vill. Mathari, Chatouli Road,
Near Kurali, Distt. Ropar,
Phone : (01888) 32365,34165